Celebrate Midsommar, is to celebrate the longest day of the year the Swedish way! This means decoration of the Majstång (mid summer pole) with greens and flowers, joining in the procession of raising the decorated pole along the beat of traditional violin music and then dancing and singing the special Swedish songs like “sma grodorna” (the little frogs) or “vi aro musikanter” (we are all musicians). The event also includes games, like the Swedish game of Kubb, making of flower crowns, folk dances and more.

The Midsommar celebration event is in the middle of June and current location is at the Bavarian Bierhaus at Heidelberg Park in Glendale. The event is open to the public.

Read more about the history of Midsommar


Heidelberg Park, Glendale, WI was held on on Sunday, June 27, 2021.

After over a year of isolation due to the Covid-19 virus about 130 people were able to join in the traditional Scandinavian Midsommar Celebration.

The celebration began with decorating and then a formal procession led by Goda Vänner violinists Mary Stetson and Carol Gustafson. The pole was raised and the dancing could begin.

Participants enjoyed making and wearing the flower crowns.

Everybody joining in a dance around the Midsommar Pole….

…and then an afternoon of games and entertainment by Goda Vänner and Lykkeringen Dancers

2020 Covid-19 DIY Midsommar Celebration

Posted June 14 2020 -modified. It is time to celebrate 2020 Midsommar. In Sweden Midsummer’s Eve this year is celebrated Friday June 19, and Midsummer’s Day on June 20, in large parts of Sweden there is no clear distinction between those days as the sun never sets. The celebration at Heidelberg Park has been cancelled to avoid further spreading of the corona virus. However, this celebration has been around for over 500 years, so we shouldn’t let a pesky virus stop us now. Since we cannot celebrate it all together, we suggest continue our Wisconsin celebration with a DIY Midsommar. The SAHSWI DIY (Do It Yourself) MidSommar celebration is based on our own tradition.

Make a midsommar pole. Suggest you make a mini version of our traditional Midsommar pole.

Make midsommar kransar for the girls / women

Sing and Dance the songs Små grodorna and Vi ãro musikanter

Små grodorna in Battery Park, NY video

Vi ãro musikanter with Svenska Skolan video

Food: Choose either the Meatball platter or the Swedish Herring dish (available at IKEA) with sour cream, dill, chives, and new potatoes.

Drink: Popular Swedish soft drinks are made from Lingonberry or Elderberry, both available at IKEA. A shot of Aquavit (recipe below or buy at link Gamle Ode, New Richmond, WI) and a lager beer is a must to pair with the herring. For wine drinkers there is a special wine from (link) Midsummer Cellers in Napa Valley.

Play the traditional game of Kubb (link Wikipedia description, game available at link Amazon)

Glad Midsommar, Happy Midsommar, from all of us at SAHSWI!

Sunday June 23, 2019. Midsommar celebration.

The Wisconsin 2019 Midsommar celebration was held Sunday, June 23, at the Heidelberg Park at Bavarian Bierhaus in Glendale. The celebration was attended by about 125 people of all ages.

Based on Swedish traditions the attendants first decorated the Midsommar Pole with flowers and greenery, then carried the pole in a procession and raising it. The dancing followed with traditional dances around the pole like “små grodorna” (the little frogs), “vi äro musikanter” (we are all musicians) and other popular song and dances. Norwegian Lykkeringen Folk Dancers performed folk dances from Norway.

Photographer Bob Stetson captured the event in pictures.

Raising the Midsommar Pole
Swedish traditional dances around the Midsommar Pole
Lykkeringen Folk Dancers

Part of the tradition is also making and wearing a “Blomsterkrans” flower crown, playing games such as Kubb, Sack raises, and face painting for the children. The food menu consisted of Swedish meatballs and Strawberry cake. A brief downpour did not discourage participants in this traditional major Swedish celebration of solar solstice, the longest day of the year.

Flower Crowns and Face Painting
The Kubb game area presented an opportunity to play the Viking game
The Swedish Meatball dish

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