Board and Committees

Board of Directors

The Bylaws states that the Board of Directors should consist of seven society members who should be elected at the Annual General Meeting, plus immediate Past President. The term of elected Board Members is three years which are staggered so the terms of two, two, and three Directors are expired in successive years. Current Board of Directors are (term expiration)

  • Jan Ehrengren, Town of Delafield, (Expires 2022), President
  • Barbara Froemming, Fox Point, Past President & Treasurer
  • George Lofgren, Milwaukee, (2023), Vice President
  • JoAnn Kreimendahl, Menomonee Falls, (2023), Secretary
  • Martha Bergland, Glendale, (2022)
  • Karin Konrad, Milwaukee, (2021)
  • John Elliott, Milwaukee, (2022)
  • Open, to be elected at 2021 Annual meeting

Committee Members

In order to carry out the mission and purpose of the society the following Committees are formed: Publicity, Programs, Finance, Genealogy, Historical files, and Hospitality. The members are appointed by the President with consent and advise from the Board of Directors; Committee Chairs

  • Genealogy/ Historical Records
    • Marge Jothen, Milwaukee
    • Bev Wenzel, Brookfield
  • Hospitality
    • Doug Herzog, Wauwatosa
    • Pat Sommer, Germantown
    • Fred Sommer, Germantown
  • Publicity/ Membership
    • Bev Wenzel, Brookfield
    • Jan Ehrengren, Town of Delafield, Web administrator
  • Programs
    • John Elliott, Milwaukee
  • Midsommar Celebration
    • Karin Konrad, Milwaukee
  • Finance
    • George Lofgren, Milwaukee
  • Historical Projects
    • Martha Bergland, Glendale

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