Bits of Swedish-American History

Historian Harry H. Anderson has written many short stories relating to the Swedish heritage adopted into the American society. Harry is a Milwaukee historian who served as Executive Director at the Milwaukee County Historical Society until 1998. He is the author of Milwaukee, at the Gathering of the Waters (American Portrait Series), a pictorial and entertaining commentary on the growth and development of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harry, who is of Swedish descent, is also one of the founding fathers of Swedish American Historical Society of Wisconsin and served as the president from 1975 to 1980 and more recently from 2004 to 2008. He has written and presented many stories related to Swedish American immigration and traditions. Several of these stories are presented below:

Lindbergs 1927 visit to Milwaukee

Memories of a Swedish-American “CHRISTMAS PAST”

An early American account of Swedish Midsummer

Wisconsin’s Swedish pioneers observe holidays

Yon Yonson (John Johnson) and old fasioned Swedish-American public entertainment

The story above referred to traditional Swedish Wisconsin songs, Yon Yonson and Nikolina, below please find links to these songs on YouTube,
Yon Yonson, by Jesper Deleuran (YouTube)
Nikolina, by Terry R. Shaw (YouTube)
Nikolina, in Swedish by Olle i Skratthult, Hjalmar Peterson, recorded in Chicago, Nov 7, 1929

Milwaukee’s JENNY LIND club, A pioneer organization honoring the Swedish Nightingale

Birds, Eggs and Witches Swedish folk customs and superstitions regarding Easter

Employment Activities Among the Women of Milwaukee’s Swedish-American Community

The Tragedy of the Public Museum’s Swedish-American Naturalist

Gustaf Unonius’ Homemade “Snoose”

Carl Sandburg and Milwaukee Politics

Swedish Apple Trees survive tornado

Swedish Methodists in Old Milwaukee

Another Swede in Hollywood

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