Lucia Day 2022

12 12 2022

The 2022 Swedish American Lucia Day was celebrated on Dec 4 at Whitnall Park Lutheran Church. The Lucia program was performed by 44 children and young adults under the direction of Sonia Hummel. Violin prelude and piano accompany was played by Lindsey Zundel. Hans Shin was reading the Lucia story and introducing the Swedish songs and poems, and Stina Lemery was helping with the songs that were mainly performed in Swedish.

This annual event was attended by about 170 people taking up most of the seats in the church Sanctuary, many moved by the high-spirited beauty of the Lucia procession and performance by children and teenagers ranging from ages 3 to 17.

The 2022 Lucia is Josie German who has her ancestral roots in Sweden through her Great Grandmother ‘gammelmormor’ Eunice Anderson Troyer, a life-long member of the Linde Lodge, Vasa Order.

Josie is an outstanding student, a junior at Franklin High School, already taking college level classes, by the end of her Junior year accumulating 18 college credits.  She is a member of the National Honor Society. She is active, participating in many clubs at school while also working toward her Gold Award in the Girl Scouts.

Josie is also a gifted athlete, competing in the Varsity Tennis State Championship for the last 2 years representing the team as the captain.

While she takes great pride in her own Swedish heritage, she always wants to learn about the cultural traditions of others and currently volunteers to teach and help newcomer young Afghan refugees.

The Lucia Crown

The Lucia Crown has five candles, each representing a different virtue of Lucia’s character: hope, mercy, purity, dedication, and faith. A short poem was read by Lucia attendants (Tärnor)


När första ljuset brinner, står julens dörr på glänt, och jubel psalmen klingar i helig tid advent. (When the first Christmas candle is burning, we know Christmas is close by.)


När andra ljuset brinner, vi höra löftets ord, om Konungen som kommer med frälsning till vår jord. (When the 2nd Christmas candle is burning, we hear the promise of old that a Savior is coming.)


När tredje ljuset tändas i kulen vinter tid. Vi höra himlens klockor, som ringa fröjd och frid.(When the 3rd candle is lit, we hear the bells of heaven wishing all peace and goodwill)


Vi se i fjärde ljuset en stjärna underbar, som ger åt livets gåtor ett evighetens svar. (As the 4th candle is lit, we see a beautiful star with promise to all of life eternal.)


Sist julens lilla tomte med gran och juleljus, nu önskar juleglädje och frid i hem och hus. (At last the little Christmas elf with Christmas tree and lights, is wishing all a joyful and blessed Christmas.)

The Lucia Procession

The Lucia procession in the form of a light-bearing Lucia with an entourage is a relatively recent phenomenon The Lucia procession took on its present character after a competition was announced in Stockholms Dagblad in 1927, in which the chosen Lucia was given a chandelier and led a procession of bridesmaids. The procession was supplemented by star boys, who had traditionally gone around singing in the cottages during Advent to represent the three wise men. The event became popular and similar celebrations were recreated around Sweden. As Lucia processions began to be organised in schools and nurseries, the procession was augmented by Santa’s elves and gingerbread men. (Reference: Allmogens Tryckeri )

LUCIA:  Josie German

ATTENDANTS: Zoe Boschi, Hannah Cutler,  Ella Cutler,   Annika Cutler,   Evie Davauer,   Nova Davauer,   Olivia Davauer,  Violet Davauer, Leighton Ehrengren,   Anna Einhorn,   Ottilia Hoag,   Ella Lemery,    Emilla Lemery,     Mila Leon,    Lily Sparrow,  Addison Woodford,  Ellory Woodford,   Isie Woodford,  Catherine Zundel,   Elizabeth Zundel,   Margaret Zundel,

STAR BOYS: Nathan Boschi,   Thomas Cutler,  Camden Ehrengren,   James Einhorn,   Oliver Hoag,   Axel Roen,  John Snow,   Jacob Snow,   David Whipple. 

PEPPARKAKER: Joseph Kaltenburg,   Emma Snow, Mary Snow

TOMTEN:  Mia Cutler,    Eli Kaltenburg,     Eliza Snow,    Joseph Whipple,   Jane Zundel. 

Julbord, dance around the Christmas Tree, and Jultomten

After the Lucia program the celebration moved to the church Fellowship Hall for food and treats donated by SAHSWI members and others attending the event. The children performed Swedish folk dance and typical Swedish song and dance and everyone was invited to join in the dance around the Christmas tree.

Jultomten (Santa Claus) arrived greeting all the children to treats.

Thank you, Sonia

Thank you, Sonia

It was a beautiful celebration, a “Wisconsin Lucia tradition” kept alive and still growing. Sonia Hummel, part of the tradition, has directed this program for 25 years. This may have been the final year for her since she is moving on to Arizona to be close to her family

“Sonia, we like to thank you for all the wonderful performances of Lucia, for your dedicated work to keep this great Swedish tradition alive and well here in Wisconsin. We thank you for all the lives you touched through all those years.”

Swedish American Historical Society of Wisconsin and Vasa Order of America, Linde Lodge no 492

Thank You

  • Whitnall Park Lutheran Church for having us at the church and making the necessary preparations
  • Lucia program participants,
  • All the volunteers at SAHSWI for all planning and preparations and ensuring the event was successfully completed,
  • Everyone that donated food and sweets
  • Santa Claus

And finally we thank everyone that came to together celebrate the Lucia Day.