Santa Lucia celebration 2022

16 11 2022

December 4, 2022 starting at 4 PM

Come celebrate the popular Swedish Santa Lucia Day at Whitnall Park Lutheran Church, 5847 Lilac Lane (105th and Forest Home Avenue) Hales Corners, WI.

Welcome the Christmas season with a celebration of light in the darkness of winter. Hear the story and beautiful music of this popular Swedish tradition. Lucia, crowned with candles and dressed in white will lead her procession of attendants (tärnor) each carrying a candle,  starboys (stjärngossar), gingerbread boys (pepparkaksgubbar) and elves (tomtenissar).

Join the traditional dancing around the Christmas tree. Visit with Santa. Enjoy coffee and treats served on a Swedish Julbord. (Smorgasbord)

The event is open to the public and at no charge.  Donation of food items are appreciated.   

Santa Lucia Day is a traditional and one of the most popular celebrations in Sweden. It is celebrated everywhere, in homes, at schools, hotels, restaurants, train stations, offices and other workplaces, and churches.

Lucia was a Sicilian maiden who gave her life for her faith and became a saint. Saint Lucia was helping the Christians hiding in the catacombs during the terror under the Roman empire. In order to bring with her as many supplies as possible, she needed to have both hands free. She solved this problem by attaching candles to a wreath on her head.

Tales of her courage were carried to the Northern Scandinavian countries by missionaries in the mid 1700’s. Current way of celebration began in Sweden early 1900’s and has grown more and more popular since. Early, in the darkness of the morning, on the 13th of December, Lucia appears dressed in a white gown with flowing red ribbon around her waist and a crown of candles on her head. She is accompanied by her attendants and star boys. They go from house to house in the darkness of the morning singing, offering hot coffee, cookies and special Lucia bread made with saffron.