2019 Midsommar in Wisconsin

30 06 2019

The Wisconsin 2019 Midsommar celebration was held Sunday, June 23, at the Heidelberg Park at Bavarian Bierhaus in Glendale. The celebration was attended by about 125 people of all ages.

A message from Swedish American Historical Society President Barbara Froemming:

“A warm thanks to all coming and sharing this traditional Swedish celebration of summer with flower crowns, majstang, dancing and games. It is rewarding to see all the returning guests from previous years as well as new. We hope this wonderful tradition will go on for ever”

To all the volunteers:

“Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You! After all the angst over the weather forecast and our planning concerns as to whether or not we had all of our bases covered for supplies, equipment, and “people power” to set up and present our annual Midsommar festivities, everything turned out sooooo well.  I just can’t thank each and every one of you enough.”

What better way is there to record this historical event than to do it with pictures. Most pictures below are provided by the Photographer Bob Stetson.

Preparing, procession and raising the Maypole “Majstång”

The traditional dances around the pole, “små grodorna” (the little frogs), “vi äro musikanter” (we are all musicians) and other popular song and dances. Norwegian Lykkeringen Folk Dancers performance.

Blomsterkranserna “the flower crowns”

The games, Kubb, sack raises, face painting, and tug-a-war

Swedish meatballs, strawberry cake, and more

Wisconsin people celebrating Midsommar

Hoping to see everyone and more at the 2020 Midsommar celebration