29 03 2019

Saturday, May 11, 2019 – 1:30 p.m..


Erik Jansson, leader of the Janssonist religious sect in Sweden left Sweden in 1846 guiding his dedicated followers to America where he established the Swedish Colony of Bishop Hill in Illinois.  For several decades, letters home to Sweden extolling the fertile agricultural land in the Midwest stimulated migration for more than 1000 of his followers.  Bishop Hill Colony population increased and flourished as it grew, but the colorful and dramatic history of the colony ended in 1861. With the site presently preserved as Bishop Hill Historic District, the story of the colony of Bishop Hill is an intriguing history of a group of Swedish American immigrants to the Midwest.

Join us as SAHSWI member John Elliott explores the 15 year history of the colony and member/author Martha Bergland adds the story of her ancestor Anders Berglund who arrived at Bishop Hill in 1847.  

  • Come and stay for FIKA after the presentation!

Redemption Lutheran Church,

4057 North Mayfair Rd.

(Hwy. 100, just north of Capitol Dr.)

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.



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